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TeamViewer 12 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

Here we go, teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 is done. Tested with latest (as of today) host and full installers, but only german version this time. But since the changes where very small it should work with all languages.

Could very well be that this was the last official release. I have no use anymore for it, and if a future installer change requires more than the current switch 11 → 12… But you’re always free to fork the Github repo and do it on your own

Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.11.1

  • Removed the requirement to give Full/Host param in „first-upper-case“
  • Updated language files for TeamViewer 12
  • Resourceinfos updated

Download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 (337 Downloads)

11. Dezember 2016 von Tobias
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