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raspberry-dev-environment – Ein emulierter Raspberry Pi 3

„Aus Gründen“ brauche ich einen emulierten Raspberry Pi 3, also habe ich etwas gegoogelt. Das gefundene getestet, für gut befunden und in einige Shellscripts verpackt. Ich präsentierte: „raspberry-dev-environment“ – eine Sammlung von Shellscript um einen emulierten Raspberry 3 bereitzustellen. Basierend … Weiterlesen

09. Februar 2019 von Tobias

SN97T41W: Still no sources and no release in sight

I’ve contacted Hannspree two times since my last update on this topic, but till today there is nothing new to tell. I don’t think we’ll see a release anytime, which would be a GPL violation. But I’ve neither the energy, … Weiterlesen

28. November 2013 von Tobias

SN97T41W kernel & Uboot published! (updated again)

Today Hannspree put the Uboot and kernel sources online for the SN97T41W. You can find them on But till now no device files, I’ve just asked for them. But if we don’t get them, we can build some based … Weiterlesen

18. Oktober 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – 8th Edition

And again, another week and another update. I won’t ask them again. But I’m still not sure what to do if they won’t deliver.  Most likely complaining to FSF…

19. September 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – 7th Edition

The last given answer was, that I’ll get an update on monday. Monday passed, so I thought it would be time for a reminder This is what I got in reply:

11. September 2013 von Tobias

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