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SN97T41W: Still no sources and no release in sight

I’ve contacted Hannspree two times since my last update on this topic, but till today there is nothing new to tell. I don’t think we’ll see a release anytime, which would be a GPL violation. But I’ve neither the energy, … Weiterlesen

28. November 2013 von Tobias

SN97T41W kernel & Uboot published! (updated again)

Today Hannspree put the Uboot and kernel sources online for the SN97T41W. You can find them on http://www.hannspree.co.uk/products/tablet-pc/pad/7-10/sn97t41w But till now no device files, I’ve just asked for them. But if we don’t get them, we can build some based … Weiterlesen

18. Oktober 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – 9th Edition (UPDATED!)

Till now I’ve got no new information from Hannspree, which is kind of frustrating. I’ve now also written directly to Infotmic but I don’t think they’ll answer. I already started own repositories, based on the source code for the i-onik … Weiterlesen

10. Oktober 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – 8th Edition

And again, another week and another update. I won’t ask them again. But I’m still not sure what to do if they won’t deliver.  Most likely complaining to FSF…

19. September 2013 von Tobias

SN97T41W back from RMA

Today I recieved my unit back from the repaircenter. Luckily they put a note beside it, telling which defect was found/repaired. And guess what, my thoughts where correct (of course lol) – the display connector was loose and was put … Weiterlesen

16. September 2013 von Tobias

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