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raspberry-dev-environment – Ein emulierter Raspberry Pi 3

„Aus Gründen“ brauche ich einen emulierten Raspberry Pi 3, also habe ich etwas gegoogelt. Das gefundene getestet, für gut befunden und in einige Shellscripts verpackt. Ich präsentierte: „raspberry-dev-environment“ – eine Sammlung von Shellscript um einen emulierten Raspberry 3 bereitzustellen. Basierend … Weiterlesen

09. Februar 2019 von Tobias

TeamViewer 14 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.14.2

Here is the new teamviewer-o-matic for TeamViewer 14. This is another release with feature set changes caused by TeamViewer 14 itself. „Add to account“ got removed from the full installer, as a result that’s not supported anymore. On host, it … Weiterlesen

08. Dezember 2018 von Tobias

TeamViewer 13 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0

Since TeamViewer 13 is out for some time already, time to drop another binary release. Code on Github is updated, too. You can download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0 for TeamViewer 13 at –> this link <–. Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 you can … Weiterlesen

01. April 2018 von Tobias

TeamViewer 12 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

Here we go, teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 is done. Tested with latest (as of today) host and full installers, but only german version this time. But since the changes where very small it should work with all languages. Could very well be … Weiterlesen

11. Dezember 2016 von Tobias

TeamViewer 11 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v.

Just finished v2.0.11.1 of teamviewer-o-matic. This version supports the final release of TeamViewer 11 – tested with 11.0.53254.0 installers on german, italian and russian. Yes, russian language is now supported. But since I don’t speak russian myself, I just copied … Weiterlesen

20. Dezember 2015 von Tobias

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