TeamViewer 13 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0

Since TeamViewer 13 is out for some time already, time to drop another binary release. Code on Github is updated, too. You can download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0 for TeamViewer 13 at –> this link <–.

Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

  • you can now install machines without adding them to your account. To do so just leave the config entries AccountUsername and AccountPassword empty. Note that you of course must still give the SupportPassword
  • Dropped support for russian and english language since they had no maintainers. I once created them because I was bored, but I’m currently far from bored enough to keep them updated
  • teamviewer-o-matic now uses „partial window title“ matching. I did this to drop the version number from the WindowTitle strings. As long as the TeamViewer installer doesn’t get changed, this should work for any version, also some older like 12 – but haven’t tested this

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12 Antworten

  1. Thiersee sagt:

    TeamViewer 13.1.3629 released!
    Script still working in all config: DE/IT, Full/Host, x64/x86

  2. Thiersee sagt:

    New release of TeamViewer 13.2.5287.0.

    Script works with it too, x86/x64, DE & IT, Win10 x64 DE.

  3. Thiersee sagt:

    Same message as for last updates!

    New TV-Release 13.2.14327:
    the script works without issues; Win7 x64 & x86, Pro & HP, DE & IT, Win 10 Pro 1803 x64 DE

  4. Thiersee sagt:

    Same message again!

    New TV-Release 13.2.26558:
    the script works without issues at all; Win7 x64 & x86, Pro & HP, DE & IT, Win10 Pro 1809 x64 DE

    • Thanks again for testing it on almost any new release! You’re testing my hobby works more then my testers at work test my paid stuff :-D.

      If you ever happen to setup a Shopware-Store for yourself or anyone, feel free to mail me for an 50% off coupon for any of my plugins. Would give more, but 50% is the highest possible value

      Also, if you have any feature requests – go ahead. Even if I don’t use it myself anymore, I’m happy to maintain it for dedicated users

  5. Thiersee sagt:

    Thanks for your offer, but it belongs to my hobbies!
    If I can’t continue, I’ll say it.
    Have a nice WE.

  6. Thiersee sagt:

    Au weh!
    TV Version 14 ist als Preview verfügbar!

  7. Thiersee sagt:

    Unter Win 10 Pro funktioniert der Skript auch mit dem Preview!

  8. Tobias Bäumer sagt:

    Höhöhöhö, schön zu sehen das der Plan funktioniert und sich das refactoring der strings gelohnt hat. Mal gucken über wieviele Versionen das gut geht

  9. Tobias sagt:

    For people finding this by Google: new release for TeamViewer 14 @

  10. Thiersee sagt:

    Script working without issues; tested on Win7 Pro & HP, DE & IT, x86 &b x64; Win10 Pro DE x64

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