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TeamViewer 11 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.11.0

I’ve just created the first teamviewer-o-matic version supporting TeamViewer 11 unattended installation, tested in Full and Host mode with TeamViewer 11.0.50714 beta installers (German).

This is version v2.0.11.0. Note that starting with this version the versioning scheme will indicate the targeted TeamViewer Version in the third block, first block is teamviewer-o-matic major version, fourth block its minor version. Sourcecode for this version is on branch „teamviewer-11“ on Github.

Update: This version is obsolete, see this post for current version.

How to do a TeamViewer 11 unattended setup with „teamviewer-o-matic“

  1. Copy `teamviewer-o-matic.conf.sample`, rename the copy to `teamviewer-o-matic.conf` and fill it with your details
  2. Run `teamviewer-o-matic.exe <Full|Host> <languageToUse>`, a tray tip telling you it’s waiting for setup will appear. Note that right now „german“ and „italian“ are the only supported languages.
    (And yes, `Full` or `Host` MUST be given in this casing – with first letter uppercase and rest lowercase)
  3. Run the chosen TeamViewer installer and watch the magic

For additional infos refer to


Changes from v2.0.10.0 (last TeamViewer 10 version, see this post):

  • Updated german language file to fit TeamViewer 11 (11.0.50714 beta)
  • Updated italian language file to fit TeamViewer 11 (untested currently)
  • Full Installer mode: Now also closing the new info dialog after settings import


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  1. Italian Language works without any issues too!

    • Achtung, die italienische Datei im Download ist nicht korrekt (auch nicht auf GitHub)

      • Haben wir zwar schon per Email geklärt – aber wegen Google und so weiter antworte ich hier auch noch mal: Die Sprachdateien bei Github sind korrekt, und aktueller als im letzten Release – man muss dabei aber auf Wahl des korrekten Branch (teamviewer-10 vs. teamviewer-11) achten.

        Die Release-Zips werden mit der nächsten Sprachdatei (vermutlich, aber ohne Garantie, nächstes Wochenende) aktualisiert.

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