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TeamViewer 11 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v.

Just finished v2.0.11.1 of teamviewer-o-matic. This version supports the final release of TeamViewer 11 – tested with 11.0.53254.0 installers on german, italian and russian.

Yes, russian language is now supported. But since I don’t speak russian myself, I just copied the texts from the TeamViewer Installers. So the tooltips are english ones in the russian version. Feel free to fork on Github and submit a pull request.

English ones? Yes, english is now also supported.

Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.11.0

  • Added english string file
  • Added russian string file
  • Updated link to sourcecode in resource infos
  • All languages: Changed wTitleInfo@Full_WindowTexts to fit final TeamViewer 11 release

Download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.11.1

teamviewer-o-matic (252 Downloads)

20. Dezember 2015 von Tobias
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  2. Script works with the new version too; tested in VM DE & IT, x86 & x64

  3. Es funktioniert auch mit der Beta-Version 12 des Teamviewer, man muß nur die teamviewer-o-matic.strings.german.conf editieren und TeamViewer 11 auf Teamviewer 12 ändern.

    MfG, Thiersee

  4. Script works with the BETA-Version 12 of TV: only edit the file teamviewer-o-matic.strings..conf and change all the „TeamViewer 11“ in „TeamViewer 12“.

    Regards, Thiersee

  5. The file is obviously teamviewer-o-matic.strings.yourlanguage.conf

  6. Script works with the final 12.0.71503 too; have a look two posts before.

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