Basixx Installer 2.0

You remember my „Basixx Installer“ for automated/unattended install? I’ve just finished a new version. There where some minor updates in the meantime that i didn’t published. So I went to v2 right away for this release.

The changes since last public release:

  • Changes on the package format
    • Support for separate 32/64 Bit installers
    • can define specific target Windows version
  • Choose packages to install on startup
  • Editor for creating and/or editing packages (very basic)
  • Disable „UAC“ on launch & re-enable it before exit
  • Disable „File Open Warning“ on launch & re-enable it before exit

Sample packages included in this release:


Basixx Installer (r5) (991 Downloads)

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  1. 24. November 2012

    […] with wget. It’s a “sideproduct” of a shell script I wrote to supplement my Basixx Installer, to keep the install files up to date (more on that later, in another post).It provides an […]

  2. 3. Mai 2014

    […] kompilierte Script von einem anderen Ort aufgerufen wurde (z.B durch ein anderes Programm wie mein Basixx Installer) es seine Konfigurationsdatei nicht finden konnte. Dies ist nun behoben, sowohl im Download als […]

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