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Basixx Installer 2.0

You remember my „Basixx Installer“ for automated/unattended install? I’ve just finished a new version. There where some minor updates in the meantime that i didn’t published. So I went to v2 right away for this release.

The changes since last public release:

  • Changes on the package format
    • Support for separate 32/64 Bit installers
    • can define specific target Windows version
  • Choose packages to install on startup
  • Editor for creating and/or editing packages (very basic)
  • Disable „UAC“ on launch & re-enable it before exit
  • Disable „File Open Warning“ on launch & re-enable it before exit

Sample packages included in this release:


Basixx Installer (r5) (719 Downloads)

1. Juli 2012 von Tobias
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