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9GAG: Auto redirect of mobile links to full view

The problem with 9GAG mobile links

Your friends are sending you 9GAG links from mobile? You view them on your desktop? Annoyed by that ridiculous 100%-zoom on images?

I’ve got a solution for you, Greasemonkey to the rescue! Oh, and by the way, hello Marvin!

The solution: redirect all 9GAG mobile links

This userscript ( 9GAG Mobile to Full/Normal Redirection (500 Downloads) ) redirects 9GAG mobile links, but only the ones that lead to gags, to the full-/desktop-version:

  1. // ==UserScript==
  2. // @name        9GAG Mobile to Full/Normal Redirection
  3. // @namespace   mcdope
  4. // @description Redirects 9GAG mobile pages to the full version, to avoid that absurd 100% zoom
  5. // @include     http://m.9gag.com/gag/*
  6. // @version     1.1
  7. // @grant       none
  8. // @icon        http://assets-9gag-lol.9cache.com/static/main/core/20140127_1390790332/img/favicon_v2.png
  9. // @run-at      document-start
  10. // ==/UserScript==
  11. "m.9gag.com", "9gag.com");


How it works

You see already, it’s very simple. All it does is replacing „m.9gag.com“ with „9gag.com“ in the current page url. But it does its job. Note that this userscript requires at least version 0.9.8 of Greasemonkey, because the usage of @run-at. This allows to redirect even before the page has finished loading. Not that it would matter in terms of noticeable speed with today connections, but why not if it’s possible

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