SN97T41W back from RMA

Today I recieved my unit back from the repaircenter. Luckily they put a note beside it, telling which defect was found/repaired. And guess what, my thoughts where correct (of course lol) – the display connector was loose and was put back in place. Wanna bet that opening the case took longer then the repair.

The repair itself, as soon as it started – see the problems in the original post, went quite satisfing.

It could be a bit faster, but hey – they had no obligation to repair it and additionally one should keep the sale value of the device in mind. The case got opened on 28. August, on 30. August the first pickup should happen but I was at work. Real pickup happened on 3. September and inbound date at NovaServe was – according the RMA note – 11. September. Here we have little „lag“, real inbound date was 4. September (taken from shipping notes from the parcel service). Guess they had a bit backlog on devices to repair. On 13. September I’ve got an automated email, tellling me my device will be shipped back in the next days. On the same day I’ve got the parcel number, plus shipping announcement, from the parcel service.

Conclusion: As soon as they really got their hands on the device, both – the device and shipment – was handled quite fast. And more importantly: the defect was even fixed (If you ever RMA’ed an iPhone you know what I mean :D)


Now it would be cool to finally get the sourcecode

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