SN97T41W: Still no sources and no release in sight

I’ve contacted Hannspree two times since my last update on this topic, but till today there is nothing new to tell. I don’t think we’ll see a release anytime, which would be a GPL violation. But I’ve neither the energy, nor the time to contact anyone or something about it. Maybe I’ll just sell the tablet, before the price is going to far down. For me a device I can’t tinker with is defective and unusable. But then again I could put some games on it for my children. Time will tell…

response(s) from Hannspree UK regarding sn97t41w sources

response(s) from Hannspree UK regarding sn97t41w sources

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  1. Corey sagt:


    that’s too bad. In what language would you have hacked? C? Java?



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