Hannspree SN97T41W „Enhanced colors“ Display – Update #4 & Happy End :)

Seems my Hannspad already has a graphic glitch. After testing the root-able-ness and the hunt for the sourcecode I’m now gonna test the RMA.

It seems to be a lose connector or soldering point, because with slight bending it’s possible to get a normal view. But that doesn’t hold on for long. I’m pretty sure I could fix it myself if I open the tablet, but for now I’m waiting for response from Hannspree on my request if I can RMA it. Problem with RMA’ing is that I have no proof of purchase since I won it. Hope they will handle it like a purchased one and simply exchange it.

Update #1 / 2013-08-16:
I’ve exchanged some Emails with NovaServe.eu, which handle RMA services for Hannspree in Germany. So far it seems they wont replace/repair this just weeks old unit. Riding on their process without showing any understanding… Guess how that will influence my upcoming review

Update #2 / 2013-08-16 (2):
The website which ran the giveaway from which this units comes is very helpful and using it’s contact to Hannspree. Will get an update in the next days. Based on the previous very nice contacts with Hannspree I bet it will all sort out now as we got NovaServe out of the communication chain. But maybe not, all my contacts has been with Hannspree UK till now. We will see…

Update #3 / 2013-08-16 (3):
TabletCommunity.de contacted the PR agency, which supplied the tablet to the giveaway. (Funny, thought it was supplied directly from Hannspree till now – but doesn’t matter anyway…) They said to them in response (got a forward of the reply) that they will take care of the issue. NovaServe still didn’t answered my last mail, which I send just minutes before I’ve got the previous mail from TC.de…

Update #4 / 2013-08-26:
It seems I can soon finish up the review, and enjoy the tablet again.

Today I’ve asked the PR agency (see update #3) about the current status, after they said on 08/16 that they will take care of it. They were a bit surprised that it wasn’t all finished already and just hours later I’ve got another email, by NovaServe, asking for serial number and my postal address. So it should be just a matter of days now. On a sidenote, in the meantime I’ve got several (unasked and pro-active) updates from Hannspree UK regarding the sourcecode request. The Hannspree support is really nice.

I want to add that I totally understand the fact, that NovaServe answered with canned responses at first – every business has their processes. I’ve learned that lesson while working for T-Mobile :D.

What i can’t understand is that they didn’t checked with Hannspree if this can be handled when i explained the situation. Instead they basicly  said „We need a paper that shows it’s yours and its in the warranty time (even if we confirmed that already) – but it can’t be the one that you can provide“ (my last mail to them was never answered). But as that problem was solved/skipped now, the support reactions was fast and good. And like mentioned several times already, the direct Hannspree support folks on social media were always fast, nice and kindly.

Stay tuned for the final review

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