wgetHandler – PHP Interface for ‚wget‘

Another release, this time a PHP class to interact with wget. It’s a „sideproduct“ of a shell script I wrote to supplement my Basixx Installer, to keep the install files up to date (more on that later, in another post).

It provides an interface to run downloads with wget, and obtain result infos like average speed and time needed.

It also supports live output (Yes, I know a class that outputs something is evil – but hey, it’s an option) for shell scripts in three different modes (dot-bar, percentage, animation).  You can also pass an referer to use, as well as cookies and the user agent to wget.

Against my own, bad, habits I commented this one quite well. Have fun with.

PS: It’s AGPL licensed, so if you modify it provide the source. Note that you also need to provide source if you use a modified version server side.

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