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SN97T41W: Still no sources and no release in sight

I’ve contacted Hannspree two times since my last update on this topic, but till today there is nothing new to tell. I don’t think we’ll see a release anytime, which would be a GPL violation. But I’ve neither the energy, … Weiterlesen

28. November 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – 9th Edition (UPDATED!)

Till now I’ve got no new information from Hannspree, which is kind of frustrating. I’ve now also written directly to Infotmic but I don’t think they’ll answer. I already started own repositories, based on the source code for the i-onik … Weiterlesen

10. Oktober 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W – Second Edition

Some days ago I posted the response by Hannspree UK on my request for the sources. Just minutes ago the second answer, this time from Hannspree USA, arrived. I will wait for the UK follow up instead of this option. … Weiterlesen

01. August 2013 von Tobias

Sourcecode for Hannspree SN97T41W

Like expected, if you know me, I wanna fiddle with the tablet. I’m intending to bring custom recovery and ROMs to the device. Till now there is no source available, even if I found a similiar tablet (same CPU) with … Weiterlesen

30. Juli 2013 von Tobias

Teamviewer 8 Host Silent Install

Bei meinen PC-Kunden installiere ich gerne Teamviewer Host. Das erleichtert die Lösung kleinerer Probleme doch gewaltig. Problem: Die Teamviewer Installer unterstützen bekanntermaßen keine unattended bzw. silent install, man soll schließlich die Businessversion mit MSI-Paket kaufen. Update 3. Mai 2014: Eine … Weiterlesen

09. Dezember 2012 von Tobias

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