StarCraft 2: Unit Beschreibungen

Ein Blizzard Mitarbeiter hat im Battle.Net Forum einige Beschreibungen zu den Einheiten rausgerückt.


Zealot: Zealots are the standard infantry unit of the Protoss from starcraft. Still equipped with a pair of glowing psionic blades for melee combat, the zealot will now charge the enemy to close distance with ranged units quicker than before.

Stalker: Stalkers are a new type of dark dragoon. Theyre fast moving and lightly armored with a powerful anti-air and anti-infantry weapon, but their secret weapon is there blink ability that will allow them to teleport anywhere in visual range in an instant.

Immortal: A new type of heavy dragoon, the Immortals will be equipped with a shield that activates only when hit by heavy weapons like Siege Tanks, making them excellent for assaulting heavily defended positions but weak against raiding parties with light weapons.

Observer: The invisible flying eyes of the Protoss are back. We can confirm they’ll be in the game, but further details are shrouded in secrecy.

Colossus: True to its name, the Colossus is an enormous four-legged walker that rakes the ground with a heavy beam weapon. They will be extremely effective against small swarming units like Zerglings or Marines -their beams target one unit at a time, and instantly sweep to a new target when the first is destroyed. Using their long legs, they can step up and down ledges with ease.

Phoenix: When its standard fighter weapon won’t do the job, the Phoenix will be able to activate its overload ability to damage all enemy air units nearby, which also disables the Phoenix itself for a few moments. If the overload doesnt demolish the enemy you’ll be a sitting duck.

Phase Prism: .The new Phase Prism will act as both a troop transport and a mobile power pylon allowing you to restore functionality to a base when your pylons are destroyed by raiders or when you build away from your base. Combined with the warp-in tech,you’ll be able to use them to create and army anywhere on the map.

Warp Ray: These flying weapons inflict additional damage the longer they fire on a single target as they bring as they bring more beams online, which will make them extremely powerful against large targets like Battle Cruisers and structures. Their focused fire makes them vulnerable against small anti-air units like Marines.

High Templar: The High Templar is back and he’ll bring his powerful psionic storm area attack with him. But hes gotten a handy new power, he’ll be able to create a force field to trap enemy units temporarily or create barriers. Blizzard testing has revealed some extremely effective bottlenecks tactics using him. The ability to say you cant go there anymore will be very powerful.

Dark Templar: Just like in the first game the Dark Templar is a stealth unit that wreaks havoc to any force foolish enough to leave home without a detector. Any new special abilities have yet to be revealed.

Twilight Archon: Blizzard hasn’t exactly worked out what its doing with the Twilight Archon in terms of his powers. But the team promises that he will be just as powerful as he was in starcraft 1.

Tempest: The Tempest is a dark carrier with a disc fighter and a strong shield that activates when attacked from the ground. It will have no defense whatsoever against air units.

Soul Hunter: Soul Hunters are anti infantry units that float around on hover boards and suck the souls out of enemies. The more souls they consume the more powerful they get, going from firing one beam at a time to three. They’ll be effective against organic units but practically useless against robotic units like the Protoss own reaver.

Reaver: The armored slug like Reaver artillery is as nasty as ever. While we didnt see any upgrades abilities, we witnessed a new version of the old Reaver drop attack (putting one right in the middle of an enemy resource collectors and watching the fireworks) when combined with the Pase Prism.

Phase Cannon: This stationary base defense is no longer stationary. The Phase Cannon can now convert into energy form and relocate and redeploy as long as you stay in a pylon power range. But if the pylon is destroyed while the cannon is in energy form it’ll go poof.

Star Relic: When it comes to casting spells the Star Relic makes the High Templar look like an armature. It’ll be able to create a cloak field that will conceal even buildings, and fire a fusion beam that slowly damages a target until it dies -and when it dies it’ll explode and cause damage to everything around it. Remember the larger the target the bigger the boom.

Mothership: At the top of the tech tree you’ll find the Mothership. It comes equipped with a time bomb field that stops incoming projectiles, matrix style, in mid air. When the field shuts off, all missiles will fall harmlessly to the ground. Like any good mothership, it’ll be able to fire devastating Planet Cracker beam straight down to annihilate ground units below. Finally it will be able to generate a mini nlack hole to suck enemy air units into oblivion. Theres nothing quite like watching a fleet of enemies battlecruisers circle the drain!


Marine: The gruff-talking, alien butt-kicking armored backbone of the Terran forces is back in action. We spotted a group of Marines sporting riot-style shields in our demo -the shields are a possible upgrade the devs are considering. Says Starcraft 2’s lead designer, Dustin Browder.“Every time I see that [teaser cinematic]I think, ‚Wow, that’s a lot of work for 50 minerals and 40 hit points.'“

Siege Tank: When Marines just won’t cut it, you call in the Siege Tanks. Just like the first game, this heavy weapon will deploy stabilizer legs that allow it to fire a larger projectile at a greater range, but also immobilizes it to one spot.

Reaper: The only new Terran unit Blizzard showed off is the Reaper, a fast-moving jump jet infantry armed with dual pistols. They’ll be able to hop up or down ledges to assult bases or slow-moving units from any direction.

Battlecruiser: Also back for round two is the Terran Battlecruiser, armed with its signature Yamato gun that’ll be able to destroy most smaller air and ground units in a single blast.


Zerglings: The dreaded Zerg rush is alive and well. But the Zerglings, small melee attackers that swarm a target and overwhelm it though sheer numbers, will no longer be one-trick space ponies. They’ll be able to evolve into at least one other form: the Baneling, a suicide Zerg filled with corrosive acids that will explode on impact with its target. We’re guessing that there will be other Zergling forms to keep the basic units useful later in the game.

Mutalisk: The Zerg’s airborn form was spotted attack a Protoss Colossus in the demo, only to be taken down by a Pheonix’s overload attack. In Starcraft, these guys could mutate into powerful flying artillery, so it’s safe to assume they’ll have at least one higher-level form.

Nydus Worms: In Starcraft, the Zerg could build nydus canal nodes in two locations and instantly travel between them. Starcraft 2 shows us what dug those canals: the Nydus Worm. They’ll burst out of the ground and open their mouths wide, which will allow smaller Zerg to use their tubular bodies as a quick-transit tunnel.

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