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TeamViewer 14 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.14.2

Here is the new teamviewer-o-matic for TeamViewer 14.

This is another release with feature set changes caused by TeamViewer 14 itself. „Add to account“ got removed from the full installer, as a result that’s not supported anymore. On host, it is still supported. But it’s barely usable because you need to authorize the device using the functionality to get access to the account before. In case an unauthorized device/account happens while „add to account“ does its magic, the process will be aborted to be repeated later after you authorized the device. But this needs to be done manually.

Changelog for v2.0.14.2, supporting TeamViewer 14, coming from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0

  • „add to account“ will be skipped for „full“ installers, since it’s not supported by TeamViewer 14 anymore
  • „add to account“ can handle account authorization
  • some changes in the language files, if you translated it you need to check for changes. built-in languages are updated.
  • some changes to config file, see teamviewer-o-matic.conf.sample for details.

I know that I said this before, but expect me to stop updating this thingy. At this point I’m only doing it for a friend who is still using it. Can’t guarantee that I will continue if TeamViewer does another huge installer change like this one. Though I will be happy to merge pull requests.

Download new version for TeamViewer 14 here or get the source code here.

8. Dezember 2018 von Tobias
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TeamViewer 13 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0

Since TeamViewer 13 is out for some time already, time to drop another binary release. Code on Github is updated, too. You can download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.13.0 for TeamViewer 13 at –> this link <–.

Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

  • you can now install machines without adding them to your account. To do so just leave the config entries AccountUsername and AccountPassword empty. Note that you of course must still give the SupportPassword
  • Dropped support for russian and english language since they had no maintainers. I once created them because I was bored, but I’m currently far from bored enough to keep them updated
  • teamviewer-o-matic now uses „partial window title“ matching. I did this to drop the version number from the WindowTitle strings. As long as the TeamViewer installer doesn’t get changed, this should work for any version, also some older like 12 – but haven’t tested this

1. April 2018 von Tobias
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Samsung MFC (SCX-4623F) scannt nicht unter Linux

Ich habe vor kurzen meinen Drucker gewechselt, hin zu einem Samsung SCX-4623F – ein MFC mit Fax. Der Brother wollte Papier nicht mehr aus dem Fach. Noch dazu über den Einzug nur schief. In so fern musste was neues her.

Nach dem anschließen wurde der neue auch ordentlich „out-of-the-box“ erkannt von Cups. Für den Scanner hat Simplescan mich aber auf einen nötigen Treiber hingewiesen. Hat mich stutzig gemacht denn eigentlich sollte sane über das „xerox_mfp“ Backend (Xerox und Samsung sind oft baugleich) den Scanner unterstützen. Naja, erstmal nichts weiter bei gedacht…
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7. Januar 2017 von Tobias
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TeamViewer 12 unattended / teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

Here we go, teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 is done. Tested with latest (as of today) host and full installers, but only german version this time. But since the changes where very small it should work with all languages.

Could very well be that this was the last official release. I have no use anymore for it, and if a future installer change requires more than the current switch 11 → 12… But you’re always free to fork the Github repo and do it on your own

Changelog from teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.11.1

  • Removed the requirement to give Full/Host param in „first-upper-case“
  • Updated language files for TeamViewer 12
  • Resourceinfos updated

Download teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0

teamviewer-o-matic v2.0.12.0 (275 Downloads)

11. Dezember 2016 von Tobias
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Kurztipp: Brother Scanner unter Linux scannt nicht mehr

Seit ein paar Wochen wollte mein Brother-MFC partout nicht mehr scannen. Im syslog stand bei Versuchen „(scan-thread) did not claim interface 1 before use“.

Gerade bin ich im Fedora Bugtracker über die Lösung gestolpert: USB-Port wechseln. Es scheint als ob die Treiber keine XHCI/USB3 Schnittstellen mögen. Habe den MFC jetzt wieder auf USB2 angeschlossen und siehe da, er scannt wieder.

9. März 2016 von Tobias
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