Forum & Guestbook Spammer Banlist – Update Oct/2009 - Tobi's Welt

Forum & Guestbook Spammer Banlist – Update Oct/2009

This is a list i gather on my vserver, It contains IPs from spammers that got caught either by Akismet, here in my blog, or by the spam filter I integrated into XG-GuildCMS. All of the IP adresses listed here got caught at least five times prior landing on the list. Since I could nowhere find a list of such spammers i thought i could, or maybe even should, publish mine.

This is the updated list from today, now containing 98 IP adresses from various networks already. Be aware that some IPs are from ADSL connections from Serbia and the Ukraine – i don’t care about this because i’ve no users there and the chances for spamming from there are much higher then that anyone from there would ever visit one of the hosted sites. Also some Tor end nodes are on the list as well – again i don’t care simply because there is no valid point in using Tor to connect to my server except malicous actions are planned (maybe i should include the ids log too for this list?).

Have fun with it, and happy iptables configuring

24. Oktober 2009 von Tobias
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